2014 DELIVERY DAY - December 20th

     MORE DELIVERIES NEEDED at the Austin Police Operation Blue Santa WAREHOUSE,
4101 South Industrial Drive,
(See MAP)

There is no sign up, you just show up at one of our Sites at 8:00 am

OBS Warehouse    - 4101 S. Industrial Drive (Map)
    North Substation    - 12425 Lamplight Village  (Map)
    South Substation    - 404 Ralph Ablanedo          (Map)
    Central Substation  - 812 Springdale Rd            (Map)


We hope you will come join us in making this a great Christmas for the many families in need & that you will be able  join us for the great entertainment & food after all deliveries are made!

The Loose Wheels

Once you are there, your vehicle will be loaded up with as many deliveries as you want and you can return to do more . 

Once you have finished doing as many deliveries as you want, you are invited for BBQ and live music that will be provided to ALL volunteers after the last delivery leaves the warehouse at 4101 S. Industrial.



Austin Police Operation Blue Santa is a 501(c)(3) – non-profit, community based corporation, organized by the Austin Police Department, with support from the Austin Fire Department, Austin Energy, Austin Water Utilities and Texas National Guard. Each year we provide each family we serve with a full holiday meal and wrapped Christmas gifts for each child under age 14. Our service to citizens of Austin began back in 1972 serving about 20 families, this year we will easily serve over 3800 families. This is only possible because of the goodwill and big hearts of Austin’s citizens, businesses, and civic groups that support us each year.

Thank you Austin for another great Blue Santa Holiday Season!

Also a big thanks to our sponsors for making it all possible.
See our list of this year's sponsors

We take
DONATIONS online click here for more information.



We also accept checks and you can mail donations to:  Austin Operation Blue Santa, P.O. Box 689001, Austin, Tx 78768-9001


You can also stop by the Austin Police Operation Blue Santa Warehouse to drop off your donation, YEAR ROUND, at our location at 4101 South Industrial Drive, Suite 260, Austin, Texas 78744.


Austin Police Operation "Blue Santa" in Austin, Texas, was named one of the 11 Best Santa's in the U.S. by TIME Magazine! Turns out you don’t have to wear red to portray Santa Claus. As the official “Blue Santa” representing Austin Police Operation Blue Santa, a non-profit outreach program run by the Austin Police Department, the Austin Fire Department, Austin Energy, Austin Water Utilities, and the Texas National Guard, Guy Benson, 58, delivers toys and meals to needy families’ homes while wearing a blue suit and the same boots that police officers wear.
Click to view complete article in Time Magazine!


Austin Police Operation Blue Santa, Austin, Texas Message from APD Chief Art Acevedo and see a montage of Blue Santa Photos going back to the 70's.  Music by the Doc Pointer Bank.